Our Courses


The chefs at Fiore Restaurant hold classes for people aspiring for a professional career in Italian cuisines. Beginners and practitioners alike can enroll in our lessons for an improved gastronomical immersion towards becoming a pro.


1. Fondamenti di Pasta Italiana


Fee: $1,000/ course. Inclusive of ingredients.

Attend our 8-week program on the Fundamentals of Italian Pasta. Get introduced to more than 600 types, learn how to make your noodles from scratch and master dishes from our chefs. Apparently, there is more to pasta than pesto, spaghetti, lasagna and ziti.


2. Antipasto, Zuppa, Salsa e Pane


Fee: $1,000/ course. Inclusive of ingredients.

Any meal is best served with appetizers, soups and sauces. Pasta is incomplete without bread. Fiore Restaurant offers a full month discourse on these elements to a delectable Italian cuisine.


3. Pizza e Formaggio


Fee: Fee: $1,300/ course. Inclusive of ingredients.

Aside from pasta, the Italian menu features pizzas and cheeses in variety. Learn the basics of creating your pizza dough from scratch to different sauces and toppings to all kinds of cheeses available. Study every weekend to complete an eight-week course.

4. Riso, Carne e Verdura


Fee: $1,000/ course. Inclusive of ingredients.

Rice, vegetables, and meat dishes are also essential elements of a full Italian menu. Our chefs at Fiore Restaurant elaborate on these dishes, from preparation to plating. Enroll now and spend eight weekends on this culinary adventure.


5.  Pesce e Frutti di Mare


Fee: $1,000/ course. Inclusive of ingredients.

Even Italians get delighted with fish and seafood meals. Complete your expertise within six weeks of training with the best chefs. Become a seafood pro with lessons ranging from buying seafood from the market to preparation, cooking, and plating.


Please call us for any inquiries on our courses. We’ll love to help build your culinary career.