Welcome to Fiore!

We provide comprehensive culinary classes that give students the universal skills and confidence to go around the world and <a href="http://www.pointtopointeducation.com.au/">experience teaching overseas</a>, spreading what they learn far and wide. This partnership has allowed our students to become the best chefs possible. Now we can focus on hosting the best cooking classes and continue serving Italian food everyone will love. Fiore had a successful open event - more of a bistro at that time. Then patrons pledged support for the following weeks that came by. We had a long list of regulars and guests who can't get enough, Saturday after Saturday. Thus, we decided to open up our doors every day. Our little bistro blossomed into the Fiore Restaurant we are now proud of - offering delicious breakfasts, lunch, and dinners daily.

We thought we reached the peak of our entity as an Italian restaurant. We were right and wrong at the same time.

We're right in the sense that our place has served more meals than we ever dreamt possible, and mistaken because our patrons expected more of us, in a positive way.

That is when we decided to hold culinary classes, under insistent public demand. Our lives have never been the same. So are our students'.

We started with weekly lectures and workshops; teaching small groups how to cook fettucini, alfredo, and spaghetti correctly with an Italian twist. The same students and their friends demanded more lessons that we arranged longer durations and wider coverage of our syllabus.

Fiore Restaurant is now a full-fledged cooking school and restaurant, serving people's hunger and cravings for scrumptious food and gastronomical expertise.

What You Get

Quality over quantity is still best.

Though we may have undergone a lot of changes throughout the years, we decided to keep the number of students limited. We have so much to teach and would like to focus on the quality of instruction we deliver.