How To Get Started As A Newly Certified Cook?

How To Get Started As A Newly Certified Cook?

If you are already asking yourself how to move the ranks after getting certified as a chef, congratulations. You’re still in the running to becoming the world’s next top chef.

However, let us set your expectations first. Getting certified may be an edge, but there is more to the culinary industry than getting a certificate.

When competition is fierce, you need to work your way up patiently. Here are some tips on how to start your culinary career.


1. Apply for jobs and don’t be picky.

Your education background and certification may or may not be enough to land you your dream job as a chef. Remember, there is a race out there, and you’re not the only certified applicant to be interviewed.

Ask help from the culinary network you built from school and your apprenticeship. They may be able to refer you to a restaurant with any job vacancy, or vice versa.

2. Move up.

If you do not get the title and position you’re aiming for, don’t fret yet.  Sometimes, we really need to start from the bottom step and move up.

Not all seasoned chefs started as head chefs. They started from the lower ranks, too.

Just remember to build your passion towards your career. Love each step you take and always do your best. As you gain tenure, promotions will come your way if you perform well.

3. Be the best you.

Greater opportunities will come your way if you stay at the top of your league, whether within the same kitchen or at a different restaurant.

It may take time to move up the ranks, but do not let it affect your performance.  Mediocre work will not do you any good.


Well, those are my tips for you. Apply for a job and release the best chef in you.

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